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Global Nonwovens Ltd.

Global Nonwovens Limited is India‘s leading producer of quality spunmelt nonwoven fabrics having set-up of Multi Beam (SSMMXS), 4.2 meters width, composite Spun melt Production Facility ( Reicofil®4S) with State of the Art technology from Reifenhauser, Germany. Our manufacturing site is located at strategical location near the west coast of India...

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The company has chosen to enter the Spunmelt technology with multiple beams capable of producing Spunbond or Spunbond and Meltblown combination. The line is encorpotated with key efficient trims and is also fitted with latest finishing equipment...


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  • Global Nonwovens Ltd. will be participating in IDEA 2016 to be held in Boston, USA in May 2016 (Booth No. 1446).

    Global Nonwovens Ltd., will be showcasing its product and capabilities at IDEA 2016 to be held at Boston, USA in May 2016...

  • Global Nonwovens Ltd. participated in ANEX 2015 combined with SINCE held at Shanghai in May 2015

    Global Nonwovens Ltd., showcased its product and capabilities at Annex 2015 held at Shanghai in May 2015...

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